All terms of use

Our website’s terms of use are a set of rules and guidelines that users must agree to follow in order to use or access the website.

This legal document establishes the contract between the website (or company) and its users, outlining what is expected from both sides. This includes details about copyright, acceptable use of website content, disclaimers, limitations of liability and, in some cases, dispute resolution processes.

The terms of use may also include information about the moderation policy, rules for posting comments or user-generated content, and guidelines for canceling or suspending accounts.

Our terms of use are separated by country

Due to the variety of traffic we receive on the site, we identify users from different countries.

Out of respect for our visitors, partners and advertisers, we decided to separate the Terms of Use pages by country.

Terms of use are important for protecting the website owner’s legal rights and for clearly setting expectations for website users.

If you have any questions or problems, we are available via our contact page.