Understand the advantages of the Scotia Momentum Card and how to apply for it


The Scotia Momentum Visa is a popular credit card option for individuals looking to maximize cash back rewards on their everyday purchases. Offered by Scotiabank, this credit card provides cardholders with a range of cash back benefits on eligible gas station, grocery store, drug store purchases, and recurring payments. With a straightforward earning structure and a competitive introductory interest rate on balance transfers, the card is designed to satisfy the needs of consumers seeking valuable rewards with reasonable costs.

One of the main highlights of the Scotia Momentum Visa credit card is its compelling cash back rate, which can reach up to 2% on eligible purchases. This attractive rate makes it an ideal choice for those who wish to get the most value from their everyday spending. Additionally, the card often comes with a special introductory offer, such as a reduced interest rate on balance transfers for the first six months, providing new cardholders with an added incentive to choose this credit card over other options.


While there are a variety of cash back credit cards available on the market, the Scotia Momentum Visa stands out as a strong contender due to its competitive rates, user-friendly rewards structure, and appealing introductory offers. With a solid reputation backed by Scotiabank, this credit card presents an enticing option for individuals looking to optimize their cash back earning potential.

Get to know the Scotia Momentum card

The Scotia Momentum card is a popular credit card option in Canada, known for its rewards and cash back-focused benefits. Designed to meet the needs of a wide range of consumers, this card offers a percentage cash back on various categories of purchases, making it an attractive choice for those looking to maximize their rewards.

Scotia Momentum

Among the main features of the Scotia Momentum card is the high rate of return on essential expenses such as gasoline and groceries, as well as a good cash back percentage on recurring payments and all other purchases. The card also offers additional benefits, such as included insurance and access to exclusive promotions, which makes it even more advantageous for Canadian consumers.

In addition, Scotia Momentum is known for its ease of use and management, with an intuitive and efficient app that allows users to track their spending and rewards in real time. These features make it a smart choice for anyone looking for a credit card that offers more than just convenience, but also a tangible return on their everyday spending.

Benefits of the Scotia Momentum card

The Scotia Momentum card offers a number of attractive benefits for users, making it a popular choice among many credit card options. Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Cash Back Rewards: Scotia Momentum stands out for offering an excellent percentage of cash back in categories such as gas, grocery, recurring payments and all other purchases. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who regularly spend in these categories.
  • Included Insurance: The card comes with a variety of insurances, such as travel insurance, car rental insurance and purchase insurance, providing greater peace of mind and security to its users.
  • Access to Exclusive Promotions: Scotia Momentum cardholders have access to exclusive offers and promotions, allowing them to save even more on a variety of products and services.
  • Easy Account Management: With an intuitive and efficient app, users can easily monitor their spending, rewards and manage their account, providing a convenient and hassle-free user experience.
  • Payment Flexibility: The card offers flexible payment options, helping users manage their cash flow and personal finances more effectively.
  • Customer Support: Scotia Momentum is backed by excellent customer support, ensuring users have assistance whenever they need it.
  • Global Recognition: As a Visa or Mastercard (depending on the specific version), it is accepted worldwide, which is ideal for travelers or for international purchases.
  • No Annual Fee for the First Year: Some versions of the card offer a waiver of the annual fee for the first year, which is an added incentive for new users.

These benefits make Scotia Momentum a smart choice for Canadian consumers looking to maximize their rewards and enjoy a convenient and secure credit experience.

Who can apply for the Scotia Momentum credit card

To apply for the Scotia Momentum Visa, applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria. It is important to be at least the age of majority in your province or territory of residence. Additionally, applicants must be Canadian residents and have a good credit history.

Does the Scotia Momentum card have a free annual fee?

The Scotia Momentum Visa Card has an annual fee of $0. This means that cardholders do not have to pay a fee every year to maintain their account. This is an attractive feature for those looking for a credit card without the burden of an extra cost each year.

Does Scotia Momentum have an app?

Yes, the Scotia Momentum card in Canada is accompanied by a mobile application that significantly improves the user experience. This application offers several functionalities that are essential for the efficient management of personal finances and for making the most of the card’s benefits. Here are some of the app’s key features:

  • Spending Tracking: The app allows users to track their spending in real time, offering a clear view of where and how their money is being spent. This is particularly useful for maintaining a budget and tracking expenses.
  • Rewards Management: One of the main features is the ability to view and manage accumulated rewards. Users can easily see how much cash back they have accumulated and how they can redeem it.
  • Enhanced Security: With advanced security features, the application protects user information and offers peace of mind regarding the security of data and transactions.
  • Alerts and Notifications: Users can set up alerts to monitor suspicious activity, remind them of upcoming payments, or be informed about exclusive offers and promotions.
  • Customer Support: The app also offers easy access to customer support, allowing users to quickly resolve any issues or questions they may have.
  • Intuitive Interface: The application design is focused on the user experience, offering a clear and intuitive interface that makes navigation and account management a simple and enjoyable task.
  • Easy Payments: Through the app, users can make invoice payments and manage their finances, providing convenience and efficiency.

What are the fees and interest on the Scotia Momentum card?

In this section, we will discuss the fees and charges associated with the Scotia Momentum Visa credit card. It’s important for potential cardholders to understand these costs to make an informed decision about whether this card is suitable for their needs.

Interest Rates

In terms of interest rates, the Scotia Momentum Visa Card carries a 19.99% rate for purchases and a 22.99% rate for both cash advances and balance transfers. It’s important for potential cardholders to maintain a good credit score, with a credit recommended score of 660 or higher. Applicants need to have a minimum income of $12,000 per year to be considered for this card. The annual fee stands at $39, making it an affordable option for those looking into cash back credit card options.

Foreign Transaction Fees

When using the Scotia Momentum Visa Card for transactions in foreign currencies, cardholders will incur fees. These fees are applied as a percentage of the transaction amount and can add up, particularly for those who frequently travel or make online purchases from international merchants.

It’s essential to carefully consider the foreign transaction fees for each credit card and compare them with competing cards in the market to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. Keep in mind that these fees are in addition to the exchange rate applied to the transaction by VISA at the time of processing.

In conclusion, the Scotia Momentum Visa card offers a no-annual-fee option for individuals looking for a basic credit card. However, it’s essential to note the foreign transaction fees that may be incurred when using the card for purchases in foreign currencies. Be sure to compare the fees and charges associated with this card and other options on the market to determine the best fit for your financial needs.

How to unlock the Scotia Momentum card?

To unlock the Scotia Momentum card, it’s important to follow a simple and secure process, ensuring you can start using your credit card with confidence and ease. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Receive your Card: First, you will receive your Scotia Momentum card in the mail. It will arrive inactive for security reasons.
  • Call the Activation Number: You will find a specific phone number on the card sticker or in the documents that accompany the card. This is the number you must call to begin the activation process.
  • Identity Verification: During the call, you will be asked to provide some personal information and card details to verify your identity. This usually includes your full name, address, date of birth and card numbers.
  • Create a PIN: If you haven’t already done so, you will be asked to create a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Choose a PIN that is secure and that you can easily remember, but cannot be easily guessed by others.
  • Activation Confirmation: After providing all the necessary information and creating your PIN, your card will be activated. You will receive a confirmation during the call.
  • First Use: It is recommended to make a first transaction with the PIN to ensure that the card has been activated correctly.
  • Register on the App or Online: To manage your card effectively, register on the Scotia Momentum mobile app or online banking service. This will allow you to monitor your spending, view rewards and manage your account with ease.
  • Security: Keep your PIN and card details safe and never share them with others.

By following these steps, you will be able to unlock and start using your Scotia Momentum card safely and efficiently

How do I request a duplicate of the Scotia Momentum card?

To request a duplicate of the Scotia Momentum card, follow a simple and straightforward procedure. This process ensures that you receive a new card quickly and securely if your current card is lost, stolen or damaged. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Contact Banco Scotia: The first thing to do is contact Banco Scotia. This can be done in several ways, including calling customer service, using the Scotia Momentum mobile app, or accessing your account online. The phone number and contact information can be found on the official Banco Scotia website or on the back of your card.
  • State the Situation: When contacting us, clearly state whether the card has been lost, stolen or damaged. This will help the bank to take appropriate action immediately.
  • Identity Verification: The bank will ask for some information to verify your identity. This is an important step to ensure the security of your account.
  • Requesting a New Card: Once your identity has been verified, you can request a second copy of the card. The bank will process your request and begin issuing a new card.
  • Deactivation of Old Card: If your card has been lost or stolen, the bank will deactivate the old card to prevent any fraudulent use.
  • Receiving the New Card: The new card will be sent to your registered address. Delivery time may vary, but the bank will generally advise the expected time frame.
  • New Card Activation: When you receive your new card, you will need to activate it before using it. This can be done over the phone, online or through the mobile app.
  • Update Information: If you have automatic payments or subscriptions linked to your old card, remember to update this information with your new card details.

How do I get in touch about the Scotia Momentum card?

If you have any questions about the card, you can contact Scotiabank through the following channels:

  • Phone: 1-800-387-8888
  • Live Chat: Go to the Scotiabank website and click on the “Live Chat” button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Social networks: Scotiabank is present on the main social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can contact the company through its official pages.

Scotia Momentum services are open from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 8pm, and on Saturdays, from 9am to 5pm.

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