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The Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite card is your key to a world of financial benefits and rewards. With this premium credit card, you can enjoy a multitude of advantages that make it an excellent addition to your wallet. Earn generous cashback rewards on your everyday spending, including groceries, gas, dining, and recurring bills, helping you save as you spend.

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What sets this card apart is its comprehensive insurance coverage, providing peace of mind for your purchases and travel plans. You’ll also gain access to exclusive Visa Infinite benefits, such as concierge services, airport lounge access, and special offers on travel and dining. Plus, you can make international purchases without worrying about foreign transaction fees, and the card is compatible with mobile wallets for convenient and secure payments.

Whether you’re looking to maximize your cashback rewards, travel with confidence, or enjoy premium perks, the Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite card has you covered. Apply today to start reaping the rewards and privileges that come with this exceptional credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn cashback with the Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite card?

You earn cashback by using your card for eligible purchases. You can earn cashback on groceries, gas, dining, and recurring bills automatically.

Are there annual fees associated with this credit card?

Yes, there is an annual fee for the Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite card, but it comes with a range of benefits and rewards that can easily offset the fee for many cardholders.

What kind of travel insurance is included with the card?

The card offers comprehensive travel insurance, including travel emergency medical coverage, trip cancellation/interruption insurance, and more. Details can be found in the card's terms and conditions.

Can I use this credit card internationally, and are there foreign transaction fees?

Yes, you can use the card internationally, and it does not charge foreign transaction fees, making it a convenient choice for travel and online shopping from abroad.

Thiago Correia

For up-to-date information on minimum income requirements or orther details about the “Scotiabank Momentum” card, I recommend that you contact Scotiabank directly or visit the bank’s official website.